Export to Canada

Simplified export to Canada in cooperation with HDTS Chemicals Inc.

Export to Canada

Ekotox Centers in cooperation with experts from Canadian company HDTS Chemicals Inc. provides advisory services, comprehensive service and consultancy for export of chemical substances and mixtures to Canada. We offer our experience of introducing new products to the Canadian market, along with contacts with important institutions responsible for the control and operation of the Canadian chemicals and mixtures market.


Non Resident Importer of Record Services in Canada

When importing into Canada, foreign entities require a Canadian agent to act as a non resident importer of record.  HDTS Chemicals Inc. is a Canadian Non Resident Importer of record established. In 2001 to assist you as the importer of record for your Canadian imports of chemicals. They will assist you with sales and marketing in Canada within the context of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act (CEPA) and specifically the New Substances Notification Regulations (NSNR).

How the Non Resident Importer of Record Works

When Environment Canada receives a NSN Package from a company or individual proposing to import or manufacture a new substance, a joint assessment process is carried out with Health Canada to determine whether there is a potential for adverse effects of the substance on the environment and human health. To facilitate this assessment. The NSN Package must contain all required administrative and technical data. And must be provided to the NS program, New Substances Division at Environment Canada prior to the manufacture or import of the substance.

HDTS Chemicals assists foreign chemical manufacturers develop strategies to supply non-DSL chemicals and polymers into Canada by acting as Canadian Agent and/or Importer of Record. All foreign notifiers must use the service of a Canadian Agent or establish an account with Canada’s revenue agency.

We provide the following services:

• New Substance Notifications (NSN)
• MSDS authoring services