Biocidal Product Authorisation

A biocidal product/biocidal family must be authorised to be placed on the market. At what point the requirements for authorisation applies to a particular product depends on the specific active substances in the product. In general terms, the authorisation requirements of the EU Biocides Regulations (BPR) will apply to a product when:

  • the active substance(s) within the product is approved and implementing Regulation is published in accordance with the EU BPR Article 9, and
  • the implementing Regulation covers the product type appropriate for that product.

When a product contains more than one active substance the biocidal product/biocidal family cannot be authorised until all of the active substances are approved. In other words, authorisation is possible only when the last of the active substances in the biocidal product/biocidal family is approved.

If your biocidal product/biocidal family was made available on the market prior to the active substance(s) being approved, transitional provision will apply while you apply for authorisation or to allow you to phase out existing stocks if you are not applying for authorisation.

If your biocidal product/biocidal family was not on the market prior to the active substance(s) being approved, you must obtain authorisation before the biocidal product/biocidal family can be made available on the market.

If your biocidal product/biocidal family contains an active substance(s) that is a candidate for substitution a comparative assessment will be made under Article 23 of EU BPR and you may need to provide additional information as part of this assessment.

Companies wishing to place biocidal products on the market can apply for product authorisation at National or Union level.

  • National Authorisation
  • Union Authorisation