Biocides – Registration / Authorisation

Biocides – Registration / Authorisation
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Ekotox Centers are providing consultancy services and customers support in the area of EU chemicals legislation – REACH Registration, Only Representative, REACH Authorisation, REACH/CLP Screening, Safety Data Sheets, Legal Compliance Services.

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We offer support and preparation of all documents. Required for registration / authorisation of a biocidal product for placing on the market in EU member states.

For example complex services for registration under transitional period or authorisation once the active substance is approved:

  • Documents preparation including relevant forms and processes
  • Efficacy assessment
  • Biocidal product entry in the Register of EU MS or EU wide
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Text part of the label
  • Instructions for use, if not stated on the label

Application types Article 95: List of active substances and suppliersTechnical equivalenceIn situ generated active substancesTreated articlesRegistration/notification of biocidal products under transitional provisions


 Understanding Biocidal Products Regulation

The Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR, Regulation (EU) 528/2012) provides a regulatory framework for biocidal products placed on the European Union market. The BPR entered into force in September 2013 and replaced the Biocidal Products Directive (Directive 98/8/EC). 

 The biocidal product requires an authorisation at national or EU level before it can be made available on the market or used. 

 Access to the market is based on a two-step procedure: 

  • The active substance to be used in a biocidal product or to treat an article must be approved (assessed positively for its efficacy and safety in the relevant product type). 
  • After the active substance has been authorised as per step 1, biocidal products that contain the active substance can be authorised in an approval procedure. 

 If the active substance is not yet approved but is in the Review Programme, the biocidal product can be made available and used in accordance with national laws (transitional provisions). 

Regulation - Econlib

Our services: 

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  • Preparation of active substance approvals and biocidal product authorisations (BPR and Transitional Arrangements)  
  • Development of Biocidal Product Families 
  • Development of Authorisation strategies  
  • Planning of test programmes, including efficacy testing 
  • Technical Equivalence Applications 
  • Obtaining Article 95 status  
  • Renewals of active substance approvals and biocidal product authorisations, including Comparative Assessment 
  • Product Label Reviews  
  • Advice on treated article status and labelling  
  • Regulatory submissions and post-approval support and asset management 


Companies wishing to place biocidal products on the market can apply for product authorisation at National or Union level under the following application types:

Registration of biocidal products under transitional provisions in Slovakia


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