Same biocidal product

The following are the basic principles of the new Same Biocidal Product Regulation No 414/2013 (SBP regulation) as amended by Regulation No 2016/1802:

  • a subsequent authorisation of the same biocidal product (SBP) can be granted based on the evaluation of a biocidal product already authorised or registered under the Biocidal Product Directive 98/8/EC 169 (BPD) , or
  • already authorised under the Biocidal Product Regulation No 170 528/2012 (BPR) , or Applications can be requested for authorisations of same biocidal products where there is already an identical product authorised or  where the identical product is under evaluation and not yet authorised. The biocidal product already authorised or under evaluation to be authorised is called the ‘related reference product’ (or the reference BP). The precondition for authorisation of same biocidal products is that these products are identical within the limited variations of an administrative 171 change . The terms and conditions for the SBP authorisation will be based on the evaluation made on the reference BP. The same rules mentioned above for a single biocidal product apply also for a biocidal product family (BPF). Same product authorisation can also be granted for an individual product of a biocidal product family.