We offer

Ekotoxicological centre is offering wide range of consultancy services in areas:
A) REACH – registration, authorisation, IUCLID.QSAR, data evaluation, data gap analyses and more;
B) CLP – classification, notification;
C) Safety Data Sheets – authoring and advice;
D) Extended SDS and exposure scenario;
E) Detergents;
F) Biocides;
G) Cosmetics Safety Assessment, CPNP – support for producers, importers, responsible person.;
H) Chemical management – advisory and support  (REACH & CLP Screening, REACH & CLP Audit, Internal Chemicals Management System);
I) Legislative Support Services – for products & articles, chemicals and mixtures;
J) Seminars and training, In-house training;
K) SW for SDS authoring – CHEMDOX;
L) Outsourcing