regulatory risk R&D – substance tox and legal status study


Producer of materials for automotive industry.


Developing and implementing a new product/material for automotive industry is time consuming and costly process, so it is important that all parts including chemical substances are not under restrictions/authorisation or other regulatory preasure.

Project goals

Ekotox Centers were asked to analyse the risk for the key substance used in the new product under development for possible regulatory action based on broad toxicological/ecotoxicological and regulatory review.


Ekotox team has provided literature search for identifying hazardous properties of the substance for human health and the environment together with potential for regulatory actions actually on the place, initiated, ongoing or under consideration.

Project outcome

Regulatory Risk R&D Report developed with presenting the status and projection for coming 5-10 years.

Ekotox project team

Martin Murín
Martina Kubáňová

REACH Authorisation
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