Update of the Blue Guide

Update of the Blue Guide

Update of the Blue Guide

The Blue Guide on the implementation of the product rules 2022 is published

The European Commission has published an update of the Blue Guide, which provides information on the implementation of EU product rules and their implementation on the European market. It is a collection of information on product law. The guide aims to better understand EU rules on products and to facilitate their uniform application in all sectors across the single market.

The product rules are aligned with the New Legislative Framework, which covers for instance toys, measuring instruments, radio equipment, low voltage electrical equipment, medical devices, fertilising products. The Blue Guide also provides explanations and advice regarding the European conformity assessment system, the accreditation of laboratories, the CE marking, and market surveillance.

The new version includes, inter alia, the new market surveillance regulation. It also elaborates on specific features such as distance sales, making products available on the market subject to physical modifications or software updates and the assessment of conformity assessment bodies.


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