Ukraine’s cabinet approves draft chemicals management law

Ukraine’s cabinet approves draft chemicals management law

Ukraine’s cabinet approves draft chemicals management law

Ukraine’s cabinet of ministers has approved a draft law that, if adopted, would see the creation of a national chemicals management framework, with significant obligations for industry. The draft law, approved on 13 September, would see the introduction of:

-mandatory registration of all chemical substances;

-a system for classifying hazardous substances;

-restricting and banning the use of particularly hazardous substances;
-and obligations for business.

The proposed law would help protect the environment from pollution, as well as reduce the level of diseases associated with exposure to hazardous chemicals, Ukraine’s cabinet of ministers said in a press release.

Business entities will receive “clear rules” harmonised with international and European standards. “This will facilitate their access to foreign markets,” it added.


Industry obligations

Among other obligations, the draft law would require “business entities” to:

-comply with requirements regarding the registration of substances and the safe handling of chemical products;

-carry out an assessment of a chemical’s safety;

-provide information about “dangerous” substances, chemical incidents and cases of environmental pollution;

-introduce a system of chemical safety and chemical product management based on a risk-oriented approach;

-carry out hazard classification of chemical products and identification of hazardous substances; and

-carry out a risk assessment of the level of danger to the environment and the health of the population during the production and use of chemical products, including during use in scientific-technical and research-technological developments, and the production of new substances.

EU candidate

The draft law would also implement the provisions of the Basel Convention, Rotterdam Convention and Stockholm Convention on persistent organic pollutants (POPs).

The draft law will now head to Ukraine’s parliament for consideration.

Earlier this month, Ukraine adopted a law prohibiting the production and use of all asbestos and asbestos-containing products and materials. It also proposed to restrict the use of the antibacterial chemical, triclosan, in food contact materials in a draft Regulation that is open for consultation.