EkotoxInfo 2/2023 

EkotoxInfo 2/2023 

EkotoxInfo 2/2023 

We encourage you to read the current issue of EkotoxInfo chemical legislation news. In the summary in Febuary 2023 EkotoxInfo you will find the following topics:

  1. European Commission published in january 2023 „Transition pathway for the chemical industry“
  2. New product categories for notifying poison centres
  3. Monomer and polymer guidance updated

REACH Conference will be held in Bratislava 22-23 of May 2023 – Agenda published

  1. European Commission published in january 2023 „Transition pathway for the chemical industry“

In January 2023, the European Commission published the transition pathway for the chemical industry. The pathway is an actionable plan co-developed by the European Commission with EU countries, chemical industry stakeholders, NGOs and other interested parties. It identifies the actions and conditions needed to achieve the green and digital transition and improve resilience in the chemical industry, in line with the updated EU industrial strategy.

Transition pathway for the chemical industry webpage: DocsRoom – European Commission (europa.eu)

Ekotox chemicals management webpages: https://ekotox.eu/chemicals-management/

  1. New product categories for notifying poison centres

ECHA has updated the European product categorisation system (EuPCS). The changes include new and expanded categories and improved product descriptions to help notifiers accurately describe the intended uses of their hazardous mixtures.

Several new product categories have been added including ‘Adhesive removers’, ‘Tyre care products’, ‘Field marking paint’, ‘Gas products for multiple intended uses’, ‘Glass/window treatment products’, ‘Products for care and maintenance of plants’ and ‘Metal surface treatment products’.

The updated EuPCS will be included in the poison centre notification. format and made available in the dossier preparation tools in April with the next release of IUCLID. The EuPCS practical guide, which provides adetailed description of each product category and examples of product types, is available in 23 EU languages.

PCN webpages: https://poisoncentres.echa.europa.eu/sk/-/new-product-categories-for-notifying-poison-centres

Ekotox PCN webpages: Poison Centre Notifications – Ekotox EU

  1. Monomer and polymer guidance updated

ECHA’s Guidance on monomers and polymers has been revised to align with the BoA’s decision and includes changes to the description of registration obligations for those importing and manufacturing polymers and monomers.

The key changes relate to:

– the monomer that needs to be registered by the manufacturer or importer of a polymer;

– the calculation of registration tonnages of monomers ending up in the final polymer as a reacted substance;

– the information that registrants of monomers must include in a registration chemical safety report.

ECHA encourages all importers and manufacturers of polymers and monomers to examine the updated guidance and review their registrations to make sure they are complying with these minimum requirements.

ECHA News webpages: https://echa.europa.eu/sk/-/echa-updates-monomer-and-polymer-guidance-following-board-of-appeal-decision

Ekotox REACH Registration webpages: https://ekotox.eu/reach-registration/

  • REACH Conference will be held in Bratislava 22-23 of May 2023

Ekotox Centers together with partners and representatives of Cefic, Eurometaux, EPMF kindly willing to participate on the REACH Conference Bratislava 2023 are delighted to announce the conference Agenda: please ref REACH Conference 2023 webpages:


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