ECHA adds one hazardous chemical to the Candidate List

ECHA adds one hazardous chemical to the Candidate List

ECHA adds one hazardous chemical to the Candidate List


The Candidate List of substances of very high concern (SVHC) now contains 241 entries for chemicals that can harm people or the environment. Companies are responsible for managing the risks of these chemicals and giving customers and consumers information on their safe use. 

Helsinki, 27 June 2024 – The newly added chemical, bis(α,α-dimethylbenzyl) peroxide, is toxic for reproduction and is used as a processing aid, e.g. as a flame retardant.

Entries added to the Candidate List on 27 June 2024:

ECHA’s Member State Committee (MSC) has confirmed the addition of this substance to the Candidate List. The list now contains 241 entries – some are groups of chemicals so the overall number of impacted chemicals is higher.

This substance may be placed on the Authorisation List in the future. If a substance is on this list. Companies cannot use it unless they apply for authorisation and the European Commission authorises its continued use.


Other substances

The MSC agreement seeking process to identify triphenyl phosphate (TPhP; EC no. 204-112-2) as an SVHC was foreseen for the committee’s June meeting. However, having consulted the committee members and the dossier submitter, ECHA decided to suspend the agreement seeking process for this substance because substantial new information became available in the days preceeding the meeting.

This suspension ensures that the newly provided data will be properly evaluated and considered in the SVHC identification process. This is an exceptional arrangement and applies only in the conditions specific to this case.



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