Biocides news March 2022

Biocides news March 2022

March Biocidal Products Committee meeting:

During the meeting, the committee adopted 3 opinions for active substances:

  1. The use of methylene dithiocyanate in slimicides (PT12). has not been supported as it presents an unacceptable risk to the environment the effects of which cannot be mitigated. The substance is widely used in papermaking processes to prevent or control the growth of slime.
  2. The approval of (13Z) -hexadec-13-en-11-yn-1-yl acetate in group 19 (PT19), a pheromone. used to repel or attract harmful organisms (invertebrates and vertebrates) was supported.
  3. On the renewal of the use of propiconazole in wood preservatives (PT8), the committee concluded that, as a reproductive toxicant and endocrine disruptor, it meets the exclusion criteria. The European Commission will take further action to obtain more information on the derogation from the exclusion criteria, in particular on suitable and sufficient alternatives for different classes of use.
Moreover, the committee adopted the following four positive opinions on Union authorisations:
  • Propan-1-ol – PT1
  • Propan-2-ol – PT2 and PT4
  • L-(+) Lactic acid – PT2
  • Active chlorine released from sodium hypochlorite – PT2

One Union authorisation opinion concerning active chlorine released from sodium hypochlorite was postponed and will be adopted through a written procedure.

Now, the European Commission together with the EU Member States will take the final decision on approval of active substances and on Union authorisation of biocidal product families.

Entrepreneurs using the substances listed in the above product groups, after their official approval, will have to apply for registration in European procedures in order to keep the products on the market.

ECHA: Highlights from March BPC meeting

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Biocides; Germany new rules on national notification: deadline March 31, 2022

Biocides; Germany new rules on national notification: deadline March 31, 2022

Biocidal products placed on the German market before 26 August 2021, must be confirmed/notified by 31 March 2022 if the product is to remain on the market.

BAuA (the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health ) in Germany has published a new requirements for national product authorisation of biocidal products: “Neues Meldeverfahren für Biozidprodukte“.

In addition to the information that had to be submitted as part of the previous notification, all new notifications must include the following:

  • Concentration of the active substance in the biocidal product;
  • Information on compliance with article 95 of the EU Biocidal Products Regulation (BPR);
  • Evidence of the attributed effectiveness of the biocidal product.

Ignoring the requirement for the notification will mean that the product should not be placed on the German market.

Ekotox Centers provides consultancy services and support for the customers placing biocidal products on merkets in EU member states.

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One-third of products claimed to be treated with biocides have incorrect labelling

One-third of products claimed to be treated with biocides have incorrect labelling

ECHA/NR/20/43; Helsinki, 16 December 2020
36 % of checked treated articles were found to be non-compliant with labelling requirements under the Biocidal Products Regulation.
The first coordinated enforcement project on biocides (BEF-1) run by the BPR Subgroup of the Forum (BPRS) focused on checking obligations for treated articles in 2019.
National enforcement authorities in 22 Member States inspected almost 1 200 companies and checked more than 1 800 treated articles including clothing, paints, bedding and chemical mixtures. 73 % of the treated articles were produced in the EU.
In 36 % of cases, the quality of information provided on the labels of the treated articles was inadequate. For 42 % of articles and 23 % of mixtures, basic information, such as the name of the biocidal active substance used for treatment of the product was missing.

BEF-1 Report

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