Responsible person

As per the Regulation (EC) no. 1223/2009 of November 30, 2009 on cosmetic products, the responsible person must ensure the following:

  1. The cosmetic product must be safe for human health when used under normal or reasonably foreseeable conditions of use.
  2. The product must comply with the labeling and packaging requirements, including a list of ingredients, warnings, and instructions for use.
  3. The product must undergo a safety assessment by a qualified person before it is placed on the market.
  4. The product must be manufactured in compliance with good manufacturing practices (GMP) to ensure consistent quality and safety.
  5. Any adverse effects of the cosmetic product must be reported to the competent authority.
  6. The responsible person must keep a product information file that includes all the necessary documentation on the product’s safety, including the safety assessment report, cosmetic product safety report, and labeling.
  7. The responsible person must ensure that the product is not tested on animals for cosmetic purposes within the European Union.
  8. The responsible person must also comply with the restrictions on the use of certain substances, such as colorants, preservatives, and UV filters.
  9. The responsible person must cooperate with the competent authorities and provide all necessary information in case of a product recall or market surveillance.
  10. The responsible person must also comply with the rules on advertising and claims for cosmetic products, including the prohibition of misleading or false claims.

Responsible person for cosmetics