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1. May 2023 / EU REACH

REACH Conference 2023 – May 22-23; to meet and discuss…

REACH Conference 2023, Bratislava 22-23.5.2023 SESSION 1 Expected new requirements affecting registration and safe use demonstra-tion for registrants & downstream users SESSION 2 REACH 2.0 ‘s main focus on improving / updating Risk Management SESSION 3 Chemicals Management beyond REACH 2.0 SESSION 4 Chemicals – Knowledge base, Rights to know, Enforcement
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21. April 2023

NEW HAZARD CLASSES  for substances and mixtures IN EU

EU has published a Delegated Regulation amending CLP Regulation, which sets out new hazard classes and criteria for the classification,...
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echa news
12. April 2023 / REACH authorisation

Authorisation List – ECHA recommends eight substances for REACH authorisation

European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has recommended eight substances, including lead, for addition to the REACH Authorization List
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27. February 2023

EkotoxInfo 2/2023 

We encourage you to read the current issue of EkotoxInfo chemical legislation news. In the summary in Febuary 2023 EkotoxInfo...
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22. February 2023 / EU REACH

Monomer and Polymer guidance

ECHA’s Guidance on monomers and polymers has been revised to align with the BoA’s decision and includes changes to the description of registration obligations for those importing and manufacturing polymers and monomers.
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23. January 2023 / EU REACH

ECHA: Completeness checks of REACH registrations

REACH Registrations - ECHA will start checking both new registrations and updates to existing ones against the revised requirements.
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23. January 2023

EkotoxInfo 1/2023 

We encourage you to read the current issue of EkotoxInfo chemical legislation news. In the summary in January 2023 EkotoxInfo...
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Update of legislation
18. January 2023 / EU REACH, REACH authorisation

REACH Candidate List = 233 entries

REACH Candidate List = 233 entries. ECHA’s Member State Committee confirmed the addition of these substances to the Candidate List. The Candidate List now has 233 entries – some are groups of chemicals so the overall number of impacted chemicals is higher.  These substances may be placed on the Authorisation List in the future. If a substance is on that list, its use will be prohibited unless companies apply for authorisation and the European Commission authorises them to continue its use.
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23. December 2022 / EkotoxInfo

EkotoxInfo 12/2022

EkotoxInfo 12/2022  We encourage you to read the current issue of EkotoxInfo chemical news. In the summary of last month you will find the following topics. A reform of Europe’s chemical regulatory framework (REACH) delayed CLP Regulation revision proposal COM(2022) 748 final POPs Annexes IV and V amended Corap: 24 substances to be evaluated in 2023-2025 SDS – Safety Data Sheets control 2023 Webinars for January and February 2023 published REACH Conference will be held in Bratislava 22-23 of May 2023
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22. December 2022 / EU REACH

SDS – Safety Data Sheets control 2023

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) control 2023 The EU-wide enforcement project (REF-11) in 2023 will look at the quality of information in safety data sheets.
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