Cosmetic Product Information File (PIF)

The Cosmetic Product Information File (PIF) is a mandatory document required for all cosmetic products placed on the EU market. The PIF contains the following information and data:

  1. Product description: A description of the product, including its name, intended use, and packaging.
  2. Manufacturer information: The name and address of the company that manufactures the product, as well as the contact information for the person responsible for the product’s safety.
  3. Safety assessment: A safety assessment report that includes information on the product’s ingredients, the potential risks associated with the product, and the measures taken to mitigate these risks.
  4. Ingredients: A list of all the ingredients used in the product, including their function and concentration.
  5. Method of manufacture: A description of the method used to manufacture the product, including quality control measures and any necessary precautions.
  6. Stability testing: Data on the product’s stability, including the results of stability testing conducted under normal and extreme conditions.
  7. Packaging and labeling: Information on the product’s packaging and labeling, including any warnings, precautions, or instructions for use.
  8. Batch release: Documentation to ensure that each batch of the product meets the required quality standards and specifications.
  9. Claims support: Data and evidence supporting any claims made about the product, such as efficacy or performance.
  10. Non-animal testing: Evidence that alternative non-animal testing methods have been used where possible, in accordance with EU legislation.

The PIF is a comprehensive document that ensures that cosmetic products are safe, properly manufactured, and labeled correctly, which helps to protect consumers from harm.

Cosmetic PIF