Application for REACH Authorisation of Chromium trioxide


Chromplating companies – chromium trioxide


REACH Authorisation for CT is a challenging area.

Due to wide range of downtream users effected by the legislative requirements in combination with growing requirements resulting from the european court decisions. (On other case but having impact on processing practice of EU REACH Committee and other players involved in AfA).

EU Parliament requested for re-submission of the AfA originally submitted by CTAC Consortium.

Chromplating companies decided to apply directly creating a small consortium for the application of authorisation (AfA) covering 2 uses.

Project goals

Ekotox Centers were asked to assist chromplating companies with the whole process of the application for authorisation in case of chromium trioxide used in etching and chromplating for automotive and sanitary industries.


The lead applicant created an agreement with Ekotox for complex services to achieve AfA in case of a small consortium of chromplating companies to authorise for chromium trioxide uses:

USE 1: Industrial use of Chromium Trioxide for the etching, pre-treatment step in the electroplating process of functional chrome plating with decorative character

USE 2: Industrial use of Chromium Trioxide for the functional chrome plating with decorative character for automotive and sanitary industry.

We have started by personal visits to each of the chromplating sites participating in the consortium. Subsequently, the work led to preparing and applying the required documents: Chemical Safety Report, Socio-economic Analysis, Analysis of Alternatives, and Substitution Plan.

Project outcome

AfA documents were developed and application for authorisation was succesfuly submited to ECHA in timeframe originally specified.

Ekotox project team

Martin Murín
Martina Kubáňová
Andrea Orlíková
Marta Zabloudilová

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