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ATTENTION! Karty bezpečnostných údajov31 May 2018 is the final deadline for substances in range of 1 - 100 tonnes per year. Remaining time:

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Kontaktná skupina riaditeľov (DCG) odporúča, aby registrujúci existujúcich látok udržiavali svoje platformy spolupráce aj po poslednom termíne registrácie 31. mája 2018.

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Labels design

All substances or preparations that are classified as dangerous under the CPL Regulations require a hazard label. This is usually the first indication of a product‘s danger. Labels for supply are designed to be read by those in regular contact with the material and not only concerned with immediate hazards as in the case of transport.

The basic elements of the label are:

  • Identity of substance / preparation
  • Classification symbol (Hazard symbol)
  • Risk phrases (which describe the hazard in greater detail)
  • Safety phrases (which give appropriate handling advice to control the hazard)
  • Name, address and phone number of the manufacturer or supplier
  • Emergency contact number
  • Confirmation of EU Compliance, issue date etc.

The identification of a product on the label such as a trade name, chemical name etc. must be identical to that listed in Section 1 of the Safety Data Sheet. The classification of the product i.e. its symbols, indication of danger, risk and safety phrases must be the same as those listed in Section 15 of the SDS.

Additional information is required on the hazard label for detergents and biocidal product


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